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Welcome to Motor Insurance department of Fidelity United. With over 35 years of experience in providing Motor Insurance products to our customers in UAE, we are here to ensure YOU (insured) are protected and enjoy peace of mind whilst driving on the road.

Our services under the Motor Insurance umbrella entail provision of Third Party and Own Damage covers, as detailed herein below, to both individual and corporate clients.

As per UAE Unified Motor Insurance policy, it is mandatory for every owner of a vehicle plying on any public road to take an insurance policy to cover the amount which the owner becomes legally liable to pay as damages to third parties as a result of accident resulting in death, bodily injury or damage to property. A Certificate of Insurance must always be carried in the vehicle as a proof of such insurance

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Emergency Road Side Assistance

Useful info and Driving safety tips

  • Keep Your Cell Phone Off.

  • Do not Text while driving.

  • Turn on Your Headlights.

  • Obey the Speed Limit.

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