Group Health

Health is our greatest wealth. One cannot foresee what medical treatment they might require.  Health Insurance is a monetary protection for health treatment expenses that can occur due to any sudden illnesses or accident. These treatment expenditures can be claimed either by a cashless (direct billing) or reimbursement process.

We offer the best Comprehensive plans available in the market with highly competitive rates. All our products are compliant with regulatory requirements and reinsured with A rated reinsurers.

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Top Features

Tailor Made

Wide options to meet your needs.


Reasonable premium across all products.


Risk Solutions


Dedicated team to assess risk.

Our Insurance Products

Outpatient Cover

Starts with a referral from your General Practioner for a consultation where you don’t occupy a hospital bed. This might involve diagnostic tests such as blood tests, x-rays, MRI scans and so on. If necessary, the hospital may then refer you for inpatient treatment, such as surgery.


Inpatient Cover

This involves being admitted to hospital and occupying a hospital bed overnight, usually for surgery. Alternatively, minor procedures can be performed on a day patient basis, where you occupy a hospital bed for a period but leave the same day of the procedure.


Tailor your cover

Not everyone needs the same level of cover, therefore we have a range of options you can add to your group policy. Boost your basic cover with additional benefit options such as:

Dental and optical:
Cover for routine dental treatment and optical expenses

Other treatment and therapies:
Get cover for physiotherapist, osteopath, chiropractor, and acupuncturist referrals if you suffer an accident such as whiplash or a sports injury


Documents & Information Required for pricing:


  • Trade license copy
  • Detailed Census list (Mandatory information: Date of Birth, Gender, Martial Status, Salary (Less than 4K OR More than 4K), Emirates of Visa issuance and Category)
  • If currently insured with below are mandatory:
    • Official Loss Ratio (Signed and Stamped). (Minimum for 9 months). For Dubai policies claims to be provided in DHA format (duly signed & stamped)
    • Current official TOB (duly signed and stamped) in the insurer format
  • Required Benefits
  • Target Premium per person if any

Useful Info And Health Tips


Eat Fresh

Transform Activities into Exercise

Lifestyle Modification


We offer a wide range of tailored products to provide you and your family with comprehensive solutions.