Pet Insurance Claim

Pet insurance is a financial safety net for situations like this. With its reimbursements for veterinarian charges for accidents and injuries, you can visit the veterinary with much less stress about how you’ll manage to pay the bills.

Understanding how to file a pet insurance claim before something happens can make the whole event easy. Once your pet is insured with us, raising a claim and accessing private treatment has never been easier. Just follow the below quick steps to submit your pet insurance claim:


When submitting a pet insurance claim, here’s what you generally need to include:

  • Claims form. We require a claim form to be filled and signed by the vet and to be emailed to us at
  • Itemized invoice of the visit. The veterinarian bill should show all charges, discounts, taxes and all other fees. Make sure to take your invoice at the time you pay.
  • Veterinary medical records. To file your claim, you must submit your pet’s medical records and the current investigation , radiology reports and prescription.
  • Bank routing and account number. We offer electronic reimbursements, make sure you provide us with accurate bank account information.
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Pet Insurance Claim Procedures


Report incident

Once your pet has availed a clinical service, you need to submit the filled and signed reimbursement claim form by the vet, medical and investigation/radiology reports, clinic invoice with detailed breakdown of services and proof of payment of services.


Claim assessment

Once we receive notification of claim along with documents , we will start the claim process. We record details of the incident, assess your case, and email you with explanation of benefits of the claim.


Transfer the payment.

Once the claim assessment is completed, you will be reimbursed for the covered expenses within maximum 10 working days for all agreed claims.

Top Features

Vet Expenses

Death benefit (due to injury or illness)


Third Party Liability

One month waiting period

Pet Insurance Claim Form