Fidelity United wins Best lnsurance Broker Services Platform 2020 (GCC) Award by Capital Finance International

June 30, 2022

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For the past two years, Fidelity United has focused on making its new brand identity a first-choice insurance solution for the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). A sustainable operational model ensured a confident start, and we have developed an intuitive platform to support brokers and partners. No matter how complex the risk, we are there to provide best-spoken solutions and unified brand experience to its clients. Besides offering standard insurance packages for all corporate and individuals, our approach begins by listening to the client’s needs and responding by tailored solutions. Exceptional customers service and product development has been recognized by our partners and associates which, undeniably, is affirming that we have a leading role in the UAE market. Served by a passionate and highly skilled team, we take pride in reflecting our core values of transparency and responsibility towards its clients, partners and associates. Identifying new trends and technologies, and having a strong understanding of the insurance industry in the region, we have built a specific, user friendly platform for the Brokers providing explicit human and digital capabilities, enabling them to experience a seamless and effective process from quote to bind, whichproved successful during the implementation of our Business Continuity Plan on 100% smart working model. The successful foundation of the Broker management unit is based on scrutinized focus and effects of digitalization, combined with the technical skills of the Market Underwriters’ relationship with Brokers and a strong and responsive operations structure to support the servicing of business. We apply practical risk-management and ensures that its sound business ethics elevate service standards.

About Fidelity United

Fidelity United (formerly known as United Insurance Company) is one of the oldest companies in the UAE that also celebrated its 45th anniversary in 2021. Recently, the insurance firm successfully completed its AED60 million rights issue, which is the second injection of funds in the company since 2017.

Significant Elements of Fidelity

There are two significant elements to this capital injection for Fidelity United. Firstly, the injection was mainly required in compliance with the Solvency Requirement of Central Bank. Secondly, this injection demonstrates the trust of the company’s shareholders over the Board and the Executive Team to deliver a sustainable and long term profitable growth.“There is a large number of insurance players in the market and this is certainly not healthy for sustainable growth of the industry as a whole.

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