Raise a Claim

Once you are covered with us, raising a claim and accessing private treatement is quick and easy

To submit a medical claim, please click on the below link for the TPA associated with your medical insurance card






Inside Network

  • Ensure the hospital or clinic is listed in the network providers list, of your policy
  • Present your Medical Card/Emirates ID and pay deductible and/or co-participation at the time of treatment, where required
  • Sign the relevant sections of the claim form and we will pay for treatment

Certain services require pre-authorization.

This is to check that the service is eligible and to ensure that no ineligible costs are incurred by you.

Required for

  • All in-patient admissions, surgeries and same-day procedures
  • Diagnostic procedures or tests which exceed AED 1500
  • Physiotherapy
  • Maternity
  • Dental
  • Optical
  • Alternative Medicines

Outside Network - Reimbursement

You can avail treatments from the hospitals and clinics, listed outside the network providers of your policy and have the necessary reimbursement request raised.

  • Download Reimbursement Form (download bottom)
  • Have the treating doctor to complete, sign & stamp the form
  • Pay the bill and request itemized invoice and original receipts
  • Obtain copies of all tests & prescriptions
  • For hospitalizations, obtain discharge summary & surgical reports
  • If treatment is done outside UAE, translate all documents into English or Arabic
  • Fill the Reimbursement Form including card number, email address, mobile number, Bank details and your signature
  • Submission through the Beneficiary Portal
  • Settlement by cheque or bank transfer within 21 working days from receipt of the claim.