Our approach to claims is always to settle our Insured’s claims promptly and fairly and being there when you need us the most.

Fidelity United offers a wide range of services to both Individual and Corporate Clients.

 In the event of a claim, Fidelity United shall help you get your operations back to normal as quickly and efficiently as possible. We, at Fidelity United will help make it simple for ‘you’ (Insured) to ensure that our professionally qualified claims team attends to your claim intimation to provide the highest service performance standards within a timely manner.
We also utilize the services of professional and excellent Independent surveyors & Loss adjusters recognized both internationally and locally whenever required to handle claims, risk assessments, etc., under our close supervision and follow up.
Fidelity United makes it simple with dedicated, personal support in every step of the way through the below service levels;

  • Prompt acknowledgment of intimated claims.
  • Providing guidance to policy holder on claims matters and giving appropriate information on its progress.
  • Prompt settlement of claims once settlement terms have been agreed.
  • Periodical follow ups on all outstanding claims.

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The Insured should in all cases

  • Act as if he is uninsured and take all steps necessary to prevent/ minimize the loss
  • Notify the loss to Fidelity United immediately, bearing in mind that the first hours after a loss incident are vital and that timely reporting, loss mitigation, incident recording and evidence preservation are critical
  • Hold the third party, if any, responsible for causing the accident/loss liable by written notification and thereby preserve the right of recovery of the Fidelity United
  • Not commence any repair work (other than to prevent further loss and make it safe) without first seeking approval from Fidelity United
  • take photographs and/or video as evidence of the loss as soon as possible and before starting any debris removal or repairing
  • Begin the process of salvaging material, equipment and supplies as soon as possible after inspection of the loss/damage by the appointed loss adjuster
  • Preserve the damaged property and protect it from further loss and exposure to weather.
  • Not dispose of any salvage without obtaining prior approval from Fidelity United
  • Maintain and preserve all contractual rights of recovery – for example, if damage occurred within any Warranty or Maintenance Period, it should be immediately notified in writing to the concerned Manufacturer, Supplier or Contractor and/or the errant party
  • Obtain witness statements
  • Commence internal investigation to determine the cause of the loss